Sparkle The School


AIJAZ HUSSAIN HASHMI. MD a renowned global trainer and an acclaimed public speaker is the founder and correspondent of Sparkle Educational Society. He is a leading trainer for GRE, TOEFL,IELTS,GMAT and SAT round the country since 2005. He also trains the professional students in English linguistics , communication skills , human resources and personality development.

He is associated with reputed educational universities in the country viz., JNTU, GULBURGA UNIVERSITY, HYDERABAD KARNATAKA EDUCATIONAL SOCIETY, APPA UNIVERSITY etc.,

He is venturing to establish SPARKLE THE SCHOOL which will be up and running from june 2015,so as to promote quality education and kindle indomitable spirit among the students. Through this organization he envisages to promote semi urban students to the global standards. Experienced staff, impeccable care and modern methods of teaching are the hallmark qualities of the organization.


REHANA HASHMI is the director of sparkle the school. She is a lady driven by passion and dynamic stature with good technical know-how. She is honored with a bachelor degree in computer sciences from JNTU. Inspired by the legendary scientist sir CVK RAMAN, she wishes to put her technical expertise to enhance better education by advocating modern teaching methods and tools..


To train a pupil to modify his/her behaviour by providing exquisite educational environment so that he/she amicably adjusts in the society with maximum contentment and security


To bring in the concept of joy, freedom, play , creative self expression and character building through integration and co-ordination of knowledge in the field of education.


  • To achieve harmonious and holistic development of child, as mere literacy can’t be equated with education.
  • To imbibe, instill desirable habits among pupil through following the principle of motivation by teachers.